The main objective of Growcrops is to be at the service of our customers.

With this desire we offer a personalized service for each client, in the formulation of exclusive fertilizing products and in the adaptation to each crop, phenological state and situation, as well as in the advice of the application doses, products and plans of pickled in each case.

We offer an integral service of manufacture and exclusive advice to the needs of each client.



Thanks to our team of Agronomists, Chemists and Environmentalists we can provide a comprehensive advice service from the formulation of products adapted to the needs of each client, to the different methods of application depending on the needs of each crop, such as avoid impacts on the environment, etc.



We offer a range of diverse products both in final formulations and in finished raw materials so that each client can use them in their formulations.
We have a wide variety of formats that range from 25,000 kg cisterns to 1L containers.

Following the values of the company the vast majority of products are certified and are usable in organic farming. Efficiency tested and contrasted agronomically.